¶  Local Courts & Governments

Local Courts: Local court rules and forms should be obtained from the court. While the Law Library maintains a selective collection, there is no guarantee that the Law Library's materials are current. The websites provided below may assist researchers in obtaining local court rules and forms.

Supreme Court of Ohio and the Ohio Judicial System

12th District Court of Appeals (Middletown)

1st District Court of Appeals (Cincinnati)

Butler County Area Courts
• Forms for Area I, II, and III Courts

Butler County Clerk of Courts

Butler County Common Pleas Court, General Division
•  Local Court Rules and Forms, Court Records Search

Butler County Domestic Relations Court
• Local Court Rules, Court Forms

Butler County Juvenile Justice Center
• Local Court Rules

Butler County Probate Court
• Local Court Rules, Court Forms

Fairfield Municipal Court

Hamilton Municipal Court

Middletown Municipal Court

Hamilton County Clerk of Courts

Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas

Hamilton County Court of Domestic Relations

Hamilton County Juvenile Court

Hamilton County Municipal Court

U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

Local Governments: The Law Library maintains a selective collection of local municipal codes. County boards of commissioners resolutions and municipal ordinances may be accessed from the listed websites.

Butler County Government
• Board of County Commissioners

City of Fairfield
Fairfield Codified Ordinances

City of Hamilton
Hamilton Codified Ordinances

City of Middletown

City of Monroe

City of Oxford
Oxford Codified Ordinances

City of Trenton
Trenton Codified Ordinances

Hamilton County Government
• Board of County Commissioners

City of Cincinnati
Cincinnati Municipal Code

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